Key Takeaways from my In-office turned Work-from-Home Internship

Hey everyone! Hope that you had a fulfilling summer break or work from home experience. I am writing this post today as many of us have probably been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and had our lives affected in one way or another. My Product and Digital Marketing Internship was also shifted home halfway through.

Here are some key takeaways from my experience working from home which I hope would inspire you to make the most out of your experiences.

1. Learn New Skills

One of my projects which I did during my internship was to create logistic regression models using customer relationship management system data, in order to drive sales in the company. As we shifted to work from home, I was initially a bit disappointed that we could not delve deeper into the logistic regression models which I originally wanted to spend more time on perfecting. However, the change to work from home also meant I had to do something with the time! I was fortunate to be given the chance to instead help out with the social media management, a golden opportunity for someone who is still a student.

While I have done my own social media projects previously, managing one for an MNC was a different story altogether. There were key performance metrics which helped in tracking and managing the social media used.

On a side note, I also took the chance to document the process of perfecting the logistics regression model, and develop a standard for the next person taking up the CRM analytics role!

2. Agile and Relevant Projects

The COVID-19 pandemic allowed the opportunity to explore many new opportunities in terms of product marketing, with many of the projects targeted at trends which occured during COVID-19, such as the increased importance of hygiene faced by consumers. It was really fulfilling to gather market intelligence in a real-time basis as the situation was constantly evolving!

3. Experience a New Form of Collaboration

While I personally believe in the importance of being able to speak to colleagues in person to gain insights, the chance to work from home has given me the chance to collaborate with colleagues online. This new form of collaboration included online meetings and setting regular checkpoints to chat with colleagues on the progress of a project as we no longer had the luxury of being seated right next to one another. For me, this allowed me time to think through my projects with different lenses before checking back with my colleagues on the progress.

Some food for thought…

No matter what the situation, always try to seize it as an opportunity. What do you see around you which could help you learn? While it may seem to be devastating to have your plans derailed, look out for the silver lining which could still cushion the impact and maximise your learning experience!

Tough times don’t last! Tough people do! Press on everyone!

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Image Credits: Photo by Tina Witherspoon on Unsplash