General and Unrestricted Electives Guide – From NBS Business (Business Analytics) Graduate

You have read about what to take in the Business Analytics Specialisation in NBS, you would also notice that there is a lot of General and Unrestricted Electives which would need to be done as part of the curriculum. There are many choices and it might be difficult to make a choice. (I experienced this first hand and ended up overloading unrestricted electives to more than twice the requirement.) I am here to help you plan your electives.

Study a Minor

One of the things about studying in a leading university like Nanyang Technological University is the chance to take a minor programme. As of writing, there is over 40 minors for students to choose from. Here are some minors which I feel would be complementary to the Business programme at Nanyang Business School.

Minor in Entrepreneurship

To complement my Business Analytics degree, I decided to take up a Minor in Entrepreneurship programme, where I was given the opportunity to start my own business with a team consisting of students from both Business and Engineering. Business and Entrepreneurship is complementary as there is a slightly different perspective when working for a business and running your own business. A key takeaway which I had was the ownership of the outcome of business decisions which my team and I had to make over the course of the whole minor. It was especially satisfying to make a profit after overcoming many hardships.

Minor in Environmental Sustainability

I did not manage to take this minor but it was one of my minors in consideration. In this world where sustainability is growing in importance by consumers, an environmental sustainability minor would expose business students to ethical decision making, and taking into account the true cost of business decisions. I took one module in this minor, AB0502 MANAGING SUSTAINABILITY, where I had the chance to come out with a business plan to revive the dying Peranakan culture in Singapore.

Minor in Strategic Communications

I was a bit too late when I wanted to do this minor, it was only offered at the point of admission to NTU. This would be a very useful minor for those who have to deal with interactions with people (basically most business majors have to.). Would not elaborate too much on this as I did not get exposed to any of the modules, do comment below if you took this minor and would like to share you experience!

Study Related Modules

Another way you can use your electives is to study modules related to your major. As a business student, there is only 6 specialisation modules which you are required to take on, which may not be enough knowledge, especially if you want to learn the many other aspects in Business. As a Business Analytics Student, my interest in management has prompted me to take on electives in Marketing, as well as Programming, as I feel that these would aid me in being a more rounded business graduate! No matter what your specialisation is, I strongly encourage you to at least try a module or two outside of the specialisation. For all you know, you might realise that the other specialisation may be more interesting to you!

Do Modules on Exchange

If you had the chance to go for exchange, you would realise that the lessons conducted while on exchange may be in an entirely different format from how lessons are at NTU and NBS. Some schools have specific specialties, for instance in ESSEC Business School where I went for exchange, there was a strong focus in marketing and entrepreneurship, therefore I decided to take up related modules to gain a world view in the world class institution for the subject matter. Engaging with the foreign students on exchange also challenged my perspective on things and developed me as a person.

Try Something Different

If the former three options don’t suit your taste, why not try something different? You could learn a new language, play a new sport, or take up art classes. With so many schools in NTU, I’m sure you will find electives which will interest you!

[NEW] MOOC Courses

Recently, Nanyang Technological University has allowed for credit transfer of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) from e-learning content providers like Coursera and EdX. I have personally tried some e-learning from them but not the approved courses for NTU. For more information do refer here! Do read about my MOOC experience here:

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6 things to do for 2 Hours in Stuttgart, Germany

Neues Schloss Stuttgart
The Neues Schloß Stuttgart

Travelling from Munich to Paris (or any other destinations), but found yourself a non-direct train which requires you to have a layover for two hours at Stuttgart? If that’s you, you have come to the right place. (I know it’s COVID-19 now but we can still think of our dream holidays right?)

I was faced with this situation when travelling back to Paris after my trip around Germany and I struggled to find an itinerary for two hours.

1. Ruine Des Neuen Lusthauses

Ruine Des Neuen Lusthauses

Our journey after arriving begins at the Mittlerer Schlossgarten, where we find what remains of the New Lusthaus. Completed in 1593, this building in Stuttgart was considered one of the most important buildings of German late Renaissance, serving as a location for court festivals and celebrations. This building was regarded as one of the “one of the noblest creations of the German Renaissance, which, if we still possessed it today, would be the main attraction of Stuttgart” (translated from German), according to Stuttgart chronicler and monument conservator Gustav Wais.

2. Oberer Schloßgarten

Oberer Schloßgarten

Located right next to the Mittlerer Schloßgarten is the Oberer Schloßgarten, which houses the The Staatstheater Stuttgart, Eckensee as well as a back view of the New Palace. During Summer, there is the Stuttgarter Sommerfest, which you could check out if you happen to pass by in Summer.

3. Schloßplatz


Located at the heart of Stuttgart, Schloßplatz offers a central column, the New Palace, as well as a Pavillion. I personally found this place really panoramic (but ironically did not take a panorama shot). During December, there is also a Christmas market (which I didn’t get the chance to see) here!

4. Schillerplatz


Described on Google Maps as a Grand, historic cobblestone square, Schillerplatz offered the chance to look at beautiful German architecture.

5. Königstraße


Congratulations on making it so far, and if you got too tired of sightseeing, the shopping street is conveniently on the way for your retail therapy. With many international brands here, you will definitely have your quick fix away from just plain sightseeing.

6. Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof

Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof

Finally, when you are in the city which houses the Mercedez-Benz headquarters, what else to do other than to take a picture where the iconic Mercedez-Benz logo is. At the front facade of the station lies a Mercedez-Benz logo on the top of the building. The evening is a good time to capture the grandeur of this building on photo.

All in all, Stuttgart was absolutely stunning and certainly a beautiful city which should not be missed! Would definitely come back to Stuttgart in the future!

If you have other places to recommend at Stuttgart, or just absolutely enjoyed the post, do leave a comment in the comments section below! Thanks for reading and see you again!

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